Issue Background

 This General Plan section describes goals and objectives to manage the increased traffic volumes that occur through growth. It also recommends expanding the City’s transportation system to encompass additional modes of transport including trails, pathways, and mass transit options.

Emerging Issues

Potential Goals and Investments

Note that transportation goals will be developed in conjunction with the current master plan initiative (expected in March/April 2021).

  1. (from previous plan) Provide and maintain a transportation system that will promote the orderly and safe transport of people, goods and services while preserving the residential character of Cedar City.
  2. (from previous plan) Create a transportation network that is balanced, incorporates multi-modal corridors and facilitates local circulation.
  3. (from previous plan) Utilize a broad transportation demand management approach.
  4. (from previous plan) Protect and expand the viability of the Cedar City Regional Airport as a component of the community’s transportation system.
  5. (from previous plan) Designate and support the development of major arterial roadway corridors that are vital to the long-range transportation plan. Protect the viability of those corridors.
  6. (from previous plan) Preserve the existing rail service corridors and adapt these rights-of-way to future transportation services where feasible.
  7. (from previous plan) Expand mass transit opportunities as the community grows.
  8. (from previous plan) Expand transportation planning to include all methods of transport; including pedestrian trails, bikeways, equestrian trails and off-road vehicle routes.