Parks + Recreation

Issue Background

The parks and recreation element of a general plan represents an important step in the City’s efforts to enhance the public’s ability to enjoy the natural beauty and extensive recreational opportunities in Cedar City. The previous plan recognized the importance of the City forming a partnership with private and public entities that represent the variety of resources that complement the goals, and objectives.

There are over 20 parks within Cedar that are maintained by the city. While this gives residents a number of opportunities to enjoy parks near them, there is still need for more. In 2017, a plan was developed to identify goals and policies to guide future recreation opportunities. This study estimated that Cedar had approximately 6.8 acres of parks and open space for every 1,000 residents of the community. This is lower than the recommended 9.6 acres that is recommended by the National Recreation and Park Association.

The Parks, Open Space, and Recreation subcommittee of the Vision 2050 initiative noted that Cedar City has a number of great amenities (including things like the Cross-Hollow arena, skate park, and aquatic center). They also identified ideas for future investments that include things like lighted soccer fields, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and tennis/pickleball courts.

Emerging Issues

  • The growth and development of the community make additional opportunities for parks and open space more of a priority. Access to fields, parks, and other outdoor amenities are a benefit to the variety of groups and individuals who use them. While Cedar prides itself on being an outdoor-focused community, maintenance and finding additional land for such parks will continue to be an investment priority. Along with additional development growth comes the loss of fields once considered open space.
  • With different facilities, Cedar City is ideally located to host the needs of traveling teams (i.e. improving spectator seating to watch sporting events).
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Potential Goals and Investments

  1. (from previous plan) Protect, conserve, and enhance the natural beauty of Cedar City, and improve the recreational facilities and opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy that beauty.
  2. (from previous plan) Expand recreational opportunities throughout the City.
  3. (from previous plan) Plan, and budget for future open space needs, parks, trails and recreational components to promote and encourage a healthy citizenry through the proper maintenance and the enhancement of all recreational amenities in the City.