Land Use

Issue Background

The Land Use section of the general plan contains an analysis of land use patterns within the current and potential expansion area of the City. It considers existing and potential conflicts between land uses, both current and future, and offers recommendations for guiding future decisions in the form of goals and objectives. 

During the previous planning process, participants expressed an understanding that continued growth, when properly planned for and directed, does not have to create a conflict with the maintenance of the City’s character and uniqueness. They also understand that growth can provide vitality to a community and add new positive opportunities.

Emerging Issues

  • Planning for growth implies that development to accommodate population growth will be on the terms and conditions set forth by the community. Development is encouraged where it will result in net social and economic benefits to the City. It is to be discouraged where it may result in the degradation of the environment and cause undesirable changes to the character and identity of the community.
  • The fact that the I-15 corridor passes through the center of Cedar City has the potential for positive and negative impacts. Much of the future growth of the City will be on the west side of the corridor, and this has the potential to create a rift between old/new residents.

Potential Goals and Investments

  1. (from previous plan) Encourage appropriate land uses throughout the City, as identified and described in this General Plan. Provide for the regulation of these uses through appropriately defined zoning districts and ordinances.
  2. (from previous plan) Review and identify the characteristics of residential, commercial and industrial land uses, and inventory those uses within the City on a systematic basis, allowing necessary changes to keep pace with changing market and development demands.