Issue Background

This section addresses issues related to public buildings, facilities, and services that are necessary to the vitality of the community. It includes schools, libraries, civic buildings, fire stations, social service centers, distribution systems for culinary water, wastewater and storm drainage systems, parks, golf courses, recreational fields and the City cemetery.

Potential Goals and Investments

  1. (from previous plan) Provide public facilities and services that aid in furthering development while maintaining the quality of life in the City and increase its attractiveness.
  2. (from previous plan) Develop adequate systems to handle culinary water, wastewater and stormwater that promote safe and appropriate support for the activities and needs of the community.
  3. (from previous plan) Implement a plan to maintain and improve the existing stormwater and drainage facilities and associated infrastructure and to develop necessary facilities and infrastructure for future development.
  4. (from previous plan) Continue to improve telecommunications and digital access systems to enhance both quality of life and commercially viable  communications within the City.
  5. (from previous plan) Develop a decision-making process for infrastructure design and budgeting that effectively anticipates future needs and associated costs, but can also adjust to shifting environments and technologies.
  6. (from previous plan) Implement a capital improvement plan to develop, maintain and improve public facilities, services and infrastructure, including schedules, budgets and potential funding sources.