Heritage + Culture Preservation

Issue Background

Historic and cultural preservation, as well as the management of Cedar City’s unique resources in the performing arts, represent a responsibility of the present generation for the use, edification, and enjoyment of both present and future generations. The General Plan seeks to identify and protect areas, activities, sites, and structures possessing architectural, historical or cultural significance, and to reaffirm their continuing value as a resource that contributes to the vitality and quality of life in Cedar City.

One of the fundamental components that affects housing and neighborhood value is the quality and condition of the housing stock. On the whole, Cedar City is a well-maintained community with a breadth of quality architecture representative of many styles. Like other communities, Cedar has some scattered property maintenance issues and complaints that the City addresses with the resources available to them.

Emerging Issues

Potential Goals and Investments

  1. (from previous plan) Preserve and enhance the city’s notable historic buildings and sites (both public and private); recognizing that they represent a source of community identity, pride, and heritage. These key buildings are often indicative of the community’s social and economic vitality.
  2. (from previous plan) Provide incentives to property owners to encourage the preservation of historic or unique architecture, vegetation or spaces within the  community. Preservation should be accomplished through a program of incentives rather than rigid requirements or restrictions.

Contacts + Reference Materials