Issue Background

Ten years ago, a study was conducted on Cedar’s downtown.  This study articulated a vision for downtown that focused on the following:

  • A thriving downtown of economic diversity – in terms of its business mix, cultural offerings, events, nightlife – brimming with economic success.
  • A quaint, vibrant, fun downtown that has retained its historic flavor.
  • The epitome of Small Town America – safe, friendly, comfortable, inviting, and pedestrian-friendly. 
  • A unique destination and draw within Southwest Utah – a Downtown of high integrity and high quality that is the Gateway to the National Parks.

A number of strategies were recommended to achieve this vision. These included efforts to:

  • define the area’s boundary, and improve wayfinding,
  • improve linkages to other activity areas (i.e. SUU),
  • investment in public improvements (i.e. street trees),
  • traffic calming (i.e. medians, cross walks, bike lanes),
  • improving parking for both on-street and behind buildings, and 
  • incentivizing building facade improvements.

Emerging Issues

  • The convenience of e-commerce and the economies of scale achieved by big-box stores is going to continue to negatively impact downtown retail in the coming years. (The current pandemic environment is accelerating this shift).
  • Small business owners are going to be making fundamental shifts in how they reach and sell to customers. The ability to provide an environment and experience has the potential to offset the attraction of online shopping.
  • As existing facilities (in the Main Street area) continue to age, the need to reinvest in the structure will continue to grow. 
  • Main Street might be the ideal location to meet the demand for incubator / co-working / makerspaces.

Potential Goals and Investments

  1. The City will support creative efforts to improve place-based entrepreneurship (i.e. mixed use placemaking). 
  2. Study the feasibility of creating a Main Street Park.
  3. Connect Main Street business owners to the services of the Utah Heritage Foundation.