Community Vision + Branding

Issue Background

The neighborhoods located within Cedar City possess distinct identities that reflect the values of the community: stability, character, tradition, and “green space”. Encouraging the conservation of these qualities, and ultimately, improving the building upon them while preventing the onset of blight and deterioration are priorities of the previous general plan.

Cedar was once branded the “Gateway to the Parks”, and not just because of its geographical location. Cultural and aesthetic enrichment are hallmarks of Cedar City. These factors combine to produce a community identity that is often, the envy of cities throughout Utah and many other areas of the southwestern United States. Cultural and aesthetic enrichment is found in the quality of open space, streetscapes, and physical design of the community, as well as the cultural, educational and arts programming. It means making Cedar City a place of continuous enrichment for its citizens and a place of value that is sought out and desired by visitors.

Among other focus recommendations developed by the Arts, Entertainment, and Tourism subcommittee of the Vision 2050 process, the issue of capitalizing on Cedar’s unique features, supporting the downtown, improving wayfinding, and creating a ‘dark skies’ community were considered priorities.

Emerging Issues

  • Cedar City has a tradition of cultural events that not only enhances the quality of life for its residents but also attracts thousands of visitors to the community each year. The economic boost of these events and visitors cannot be understated as an asset to the community, but at the same time, it should be clear that the City does not produce or control the actual events. The quality of cultural experiences depends on the quality of each production or event, as well as on the quality of community infrastructure, housing, lodging, shopping and dining, and civic, historic and cultural spaces including open spaces, pathways and trails.
  • Interest in the festivals that are held in Cedar is expected to continue to be strong into the future. The area might be able to attract the development of a significant development, such as a “Renaissance Village” that supports the Shakespearean activities. 
  • Cedar City also has the opportunity to be branded as an outdoor recreation destination for local amenities (not just as a gateway to national parks). 
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Potential Goals and Investments

  1. (from previous plan) Identify the cultural and visual qualities and attributes that contribute to the unique character of Cedar City and endeavor to retain and enhance these qualities.
  2. (from previous plan) Recognize unique areas or districts within Cedar City and develop design guidelines, development standards and ordinances, as appropriate, to protect the qualities within these areas that are valued by the citizens.
  3. (from previous plan) Encourage new development to move beyond the City’s minimum site design and architectural standards through a system of development incentives.
  4. (from previous plan) Establish methods of way-finding within the City to identify unique districts and to guide tourists and visitors to their destinations.Continue to advance Cedar City’s economic and cultural prominence through comprehensive planning, management and marketing.
  5. (from previous plan) Continue to support the performing arts, and the variety of festivals and events, that set the City apart from other communities in the state and the region.