Annexation + Boundary

Issue Background

Except for Enoch City on the north, Cedar City is surrounded by unincorporated areas of the County. Parowan is located 17 miles to the north, and Kanarraville is located approximately 13 miles to the south of Cedar City. The ski resort town of Brian Head is located high in the mountain to the east. A few smaller, unincorporated Iron County communities lie to the west of Cedar City. To the south is the area of Schurtz (Shirts) Canyon, with a mixture of privately-owned property and BLM land, State owned lands, and Paiute tribal lands of the Cedar City Band of the Paiute Indian Tribe. To the west, Cedar City extends to  Quichapa Lake at the valley floor.

Emerging Issues

  • Growth can also occur through the annexation of adjoining unincorporated property within Iron County. The previous general plan suggested developing criteria for annexation, such as the logical extension of existing services, cost-benefit relationships between land-use, tax-base and municipal services, and proactive planning for the purpose of controlling development adjacent to or surrounding the City.

Potential Goals and Investments

  1. (from previous plan) Provide for future development opportunities, both residential and non-residential, through the use of the adopted Annexation Policy Declaration Boundary map and through the development and adoption of a specific annexation policy.